стратегия; политика; линия поведения

to adopt a strategy — принимать стратегию

to agree (on) a common strategy — согласовывать общую стратегию

to be out the heart of smb's strategy — лежать в основе чьей-л. тактики

to devise a strategy — разрабатывать стратегию

to draw up one's strategy — намечать стратегию / тактику / план действий

to elaborate the strategy — разрабатывать стратегию

to evaluate a strategy — оценивать стратегию

to formulate economic strategy — формулировать экономическую политику

to implement a strategy — осуществлять стратегию / политику

to map out one's strategy — намечать стратегию / тактику / план действий

to monitor a strategy — контролировать стратегию

to plot one's strategy — тайно разрабатывать свою тактику

to re-define one's nuclear strategy — пересматривать свою ядерную стратегию

to set a strategy — принимать стратегию

to work out a global strategy — разрабатывать глобальную стратегию

- alternative strategy
- anti-inflation strategy
- anti-insurgency strategy
- bridge building strategy
- cautious strategy
- common strategy
- correct strategy
- dash-to-the-market strategy
- deterrence strategy
- deterrent strategy
- economic strategy
- effective strategy
- electoral strategy
- flexible response strategy
- flexible strategy
- foreign-policy strategy
- forward strategy
- global strategy
- grass-roots strategy
- implementation of the strategy
- independent strategy
- industrial development strategy
- integrated world strategy
- international development strategy
- international disarmament strategy
- joint strategy
- long-range strategy
- long-term integrated strategy
- long-term strategy
- massive retaliation strategy
- military strategy
- national development strategy
- national food strategy
- national strategy
- negative strategy
- no-city strategy
- nuclear deterrent strategy
- nuclear strategy
- overall economic strategy
- political strategy
- regional strategy
- re-think of military strategy
- revamped strategy
- self-reliant strategy
- shaper of strategy
- socio-economic strategy
- softening in the rebels' strategy
- strategy of annihilation
- strategy proved out
- switch in strategy
- victorious strategy

Politics english-russian dictionary. 2013.

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